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Teacher Training content - An offering from the heart

This teacher training is intended to cover a wide range of topics surrounding Pregnancy and BIrth.
Over the 8 days together the following points will be covered using a variety of methods such as : Asana Practices;
Theory and Practicums; group discussions; personal reflections & drawings; meditations and self practice sessions.
This offering is an opportunity to dive deep into this topic, in all its richness and beauty and continually discover new
ways of nurturing women through this phase in their life - both on and off the yogamat.



 Prenatal Yoga  practice
  • The Mandala of pregnancy yoga asanas
  • 6 Creative Sun Salutations with specific Theme &  Intention
  • 7 Class plans with specific  theme,  intention and Mudra
  • Pregnancy Yoga Class template / Class Planning
  • Affirmations & Poems for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Mindfulness Meditations for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Pranayama  practices for pregnancy & birth
  • Sound practices during pregnancy and in preparation for birth
  • Building awareness of the pelvic floor muscles within the class setting


  • Prenatal Yoga Education

  • Joys and Benefits of teaching Prenatal Yoga
  • Appropriate & Inappropriate practices
  • Variations & Adaptations : How to include all 3 trimesters in one class 
  • Setting up a supportive Environment 
  • Creating a Community


  • Pregnancy  Education

  • Mothers gift - the pregnant body
  • Trimester outline – physical and emotional joys and challenges as pregnancy progresses
  • Pregnancy Discomforts  and  health Concerns
  • A closer look at the Pelvic floor!
  • The Womb - Womans power centre
  • Knowledge of Pregnancy Hormones relevent to teaching prenatal yoga classes


  • Birth Education

  • Birth -  Rhythm & Flow
  • Entering life ….bonding and the first hour after birth
  • The various foetal positions in utero – the benefits/challenges these create for birth
  • Active birth versus Passive birth
  • How we Birth matters – Medicated or unmedicated? pleasure or pain? Fear or freedom? Internal  & external factors, pathways for coping and the domino effect
  • Where to birth -  an important decision
  • Support of a midwife/ Doula/Partner 


  • Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Dancing from within -  with Jade Mate


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In ancient cultures, ritual dances supported women passing from childhood into womanhood through the discovery of their own sexuality, and then into motherhood through pregnancy and birth. These original dances, which included elements of belly dance as we know it today, allowed women to appreciate the beauty of their own bodies and to find joy and pleasure in movement, while strengthening their bodies and self-confidence for the creation of a new life

Jade will join us to share her wisdom and knowledge with  how belly dance supports women during pregnancy and birth. She will offer some basic belly dance movements that can be easily integrated in a yoga class and will guide us through some improvisational dancing to support freeing the intuitive body. Finally we will all dance some easy steps in circle, feeling supported by each other and experiencing joy in movement and rhythm -  just as it was done in ancient cultures.

Jade will also teach some of the prenatal yoga classes during the training.


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Pre-course suggested reading :

Please try to read at least one of these books before training:

  • New active birth,  Janet Balaskas. (Deutscher Titel : `Active Geburt: Wie ich mich mit Atemübungen, Yoga und Massagen optimal vorbereite´)
  • Ina May's guide to childbirth, Ina May Gaskin 
  • Mindfulbirthing, Nancy Bardacke  (Deutsche Title  ` Der achtsame Weg durch Schwangerschaft und Geburt)
  • Birth Reborn – what childbirth should be, Michael Odent


Additional Pre-course creative projects:

There will be  a couple of  creative projects to complete before the training.
These will greatly enhance your experience, and will be used during the training also.
Upon completion of registration you will be sent a welcome letter a month before the training begins with this information.

What to bring to class:

  • Notebook and pens
  • Bring your camera  to class!
  • 1 container `Magic dough´  (`Magisches Dough´)  – by CRAZE
  • An open heart to learning and sharing
  • A willingness to dive in and try something new
  • Bring your own knowledge, insights and reflections!
  • A goooood sense of humour!

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