`For me the time of the YTT was connection & personal development in and through the topic of prenatal yoga. Kira is opening a space for learning and growth, sharing her teaching & life experience. I especially liked that she covered lots of (beside the physical & anatomical)  energetical and emotional topics and how they can be covered in the practice of teaching.´ Vera Kadletz, 2019
"This tt is for all women who wanna embrace their female energy. Kira creates a space where we as females can be free, creative, expressive and truely ourselves. With her calm and inspiring personality, she is a teacher, a friend, a mother and a child and one of the most powerful woman I've met so far and who inspired me a lot. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." Anna Mona Rutzinger, 2019
`Kira deeply understands pregnancy and pregnant women. She has made it her mission to help women feel good in their bodies during pregnancy through yoga, and to help them prepare fisically and mentally for birth. It is not a surprise that her open pregnancy yoga classes are full every week. She knows what she is doing and she does it with love.
In her training, she does not only share the expertise that she has gained after years of study and experience in working with pregnant women, but she takes care of every detail to create the perfect space. A space to learn and to grow. A space where every participant feels safe to open up to new things, and let whatever arises flow natarally from the inside out. A space for laughter, a space for silence, and sometimes a space for tears too.
Maya Prenatal gave me very important insights and tools. Thanks to this training I feel very confident working as a yoga teacher for pregnant women. I would do it again, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dig deeper into this topic.´ Jade Ma Te, 2019
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