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Before you were conceived - I wanted you
Before you were born - I loved you

Before you were here an hour - I would die for you

This is the miracle of Life

- Maureen Hawkins
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Prenatal Yoga & Prenatal Inspirational readings
Baker, J. - Prenatal yoga & natural birth
Calais-Germain, B. and Pares, N.V - Preparing for a gentle birth
Chamberlain, D. - The mind of your newborn baby
Lasater, J - Yoga for pregnancy 
Lim, R. - Placenta - the forgotten chakra
Nilsson, L. and Hamberger, L. - A child is born
O´Mara, P. - Having a baby, naturally
Birth - Inspirational readings 
Balaskas, J. - New Active Birth
Bardacke, N. -  Mindful birthing
Dick-Read, G. - Childbirth without fear
England, P. and Horowitz,R. - Birthing from within
Gaskin, I. - Ina May's guide to natural childbirth. 
Gaskin, I. -  Spiritual midwifery
Harman,T. , Wakeford, A. - The microbiome effect
Odent, M. -  Birth reborn
Odent, M. -  Do we need midwives?
Odent, M. - The functions of orgasms
Simkin, P., Hanson, L. and Ancheta, R. - The labor progress handbook
Leboyer, F. - The art of giving birth
Postnatal Yoga  / Mothering 
Bauer, I. - Diaper free! The gentle wisdom of natural infant hygiene
Blomberg, H. - The rhythmic movement method
Garabedian, H. - Itsy bitsy yoga
Gaskin, I. - Ina May´s guide to breastfeeding
Leboyer, F. -  Loving hands
Liedloff, J. - The continuum concept
O´Mara, P. - Natural family living
Staton, L. and Perron, S. - Baby Om
Yoga / Buddhhism / Meditation
Devi, N.J. - The secret power of yoga
Hawkins, D.R. - Letting go - The pathway of surrender
Kabat-Zinn, J. -  Full catastrophe living
Nhất Hạnh, T -  The heart of the Buddha's teaching

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